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Why ritual marketing?

Most marketers understand that an intelligent campaign doesn’t just seek to drive short term sales, but sets the stage for an ongoing relationship with customers, where sales will continue at a reliable pace over a long period of time. The challenge is that sustained commercial relationships aren’t easily established.  Product quality, convenience, and low price won’t cut it.

Real brand loyalty is much more than just a matter of habit. Loyalty is established when customers feel that they’re part of something greater than themselves. It is sustained when they find deeper meaning in the things that they buy. It comes to fruition when customers discover that their purchase opens the door to new possibilities in their lives


These higher levels of experience are not to be found in the ordinary, static reality. They come about in the fluid realm of the threshold, where people experience an unusual ability to undergo fundamental transformations of identity.

The tool to open the threshold is ritual.

Ritual marketing is the craft of incorporating threshold experiences into the process of consumption, to benefit marketers and consumers alike.

The Ritual Marketing blog is an online resource dedicated to the examination of this craft.